Palouse 100K Relay & Solo — New Name!

3 April 2016 – Sunday – Thanks Everyone for a Great Day!

2016 100 K Final Results

Palouse 100 K Registration Online registration closes 31 March.

Late registration will be available Saturday, 2 April, at the pre-race check-in/dinner. Palouse 100 K Late Reg Form will be available.  Check or cash payment accepted only.

Join the Pullman Regional Hospital in 2016 for the new and improved 100 K Relay and Solo Run!

Keeping most of the same course and race format but moving the start/finish venue to Summit Therapy & Health Services, 1620 SE Summit Court, Pullman.

Pre-race dinner and check-in, Saturday 2 April, at Pullman Regional Hospital, Main Entrance Area. 6:30 Pasta Dinner $3 per person. Team check-in 7 pm.

Course Information

Leg 1 Leg 10 Detail 2016

When: Sunday, April 3, 2016

Solos start: 6:00 am
Teams start
: 7:30 am and 8:30 am (based on expected finish time)
Where: Summit Therapy 1620 SE Summit Ct., Pullman

Solo Runner
Ultra Relay Team (2-3 runners)
Relay Team (4 to 10 runners)

Mixed (must have at least 4 women/men)
Masters (all members 40 and above)
Super Masters (all members 50 and above)

Cost: $200 per relay team, $50 per ultra relay team, $50 Solo Runners

2015 Palouse 100 K Manual

100k Course Description

Leg 7 detour

Note to Team Captains:

In past years, runners on legs 1 and 8 were under police control when crossing Highway 195. That will continue, although under new State of Washington Transportation Department rules, runners may have to be stopped from crossing the Highway if their crossing will impede the flow of traffic. In short, at the crossing points, motorists will have priority, not runners.


About the Race

The Washington State University 100K Relay & Solo Race was started by the Palouse Road Runners and WSU in 1990 as part of the WSU centennial celebration.  Glen Lindeman of the WSU Press was responsible for the course, which was designed to have one kilometer for each year of WSU history.  Apart from leaving and entering Pullman, the scenic course runs over 62 miles through rolling farmland, up and down canyons and along the Snake River.  The 1990 race was highly successful, and, although WSU no longer became associated with the event over time, it was continued by the Palouse Road Runners every year through 2014.  In 2015, PRR partnered with Pullman Regional Hospital to update the event to the Palouse 100 K. The event and course are much the same as the original but we are happy to create a more community involved experience working with PRH and other supporters!

Chris Peery of the Palouse Road Runners is the race director. Contact at with questions.

Palouse 100k Relay Race Leg Stats

*No cell phone coverage from legs 3-7!

Leg Length
Ascent (feet)
Descent (feet)
Leg Start Point
1 6.8 500 540 Summit Therapy
2 5.6 200 250 Wawawai Rd-Flat Rd
3* 7.9 240 1930 Wawawai Rd-Union Flat Rd
4* 7.8 50 60 Wawawai Landing-Snake River
5* 8.7 40 40 Blyton Landing-Snake River
6* 6.3 1720 40 Bottom of Steptoe Canyon Rd
7* 4.1 460 290 Steptoe Canyon-Schlee Rd
8 5.6 240 160 Colton School
9 5.3 110 330 Old Johnson School
10 4.1 230 150 Busby grain elevator

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